Custom Homes

The attorneys at Hearn & Fleener have represented a significant number of custom home owners. These homes tend to be located in very expensive gated communities or unique places like the side of a mountain, where the cost of construction and expectation of quality are high. However, even after spending extremely high sums for the construction of these beautiful homes, certain issues can arise. Typical issues may include improper flashing around wood windows, poor flashing around exterior balcony decks, improper installation of tile roofs, and improper installation of windows. Due to the high end nature of the finishes, the cost of repairs to custom homes is typically exorbitant.

Common Issues

  • Shifting soil and foundation issues.
  • Water intrusion from improper flashing installation.
  • Deterioration or failure of decks.
  • Improper installation of high end finishes including tile roofs and windows.

Successful Cases