Lofts & High Rises

Most residential lofts and high rises are condominium projects or mixed-use developments. Our firm understands the unique construction elements involved. Proper high rise building construction takes specially skilled design professionals and contractors. Difficulties arise from the load placed on the building due to the structure’s height, as well as the load’s impact on the windows, sliding glass doors, balconies and other building elements. Lofts and high rises also have unique challenges with mechanical and plumbing systems.

The attorneys of Hearn & Fleener have represented numerous lofts and high rises in Colorado. Typically, these claims are extremely complicated requiring expert legal attention for every detail.

Common Issues

  • Water intrusion, especially from improperly installed windows or flashings.
  • Signs of efflorescence, a salt coating, on brick or concrete.
  • Balcony deterioration or failure.
  • Mechanical failures involving HVAC, fire suppression systems or elevators

Successful Cases

Denver Highrise

Containing more than 800 condominium units, this project was advertised and sold as a very high-end residential building with individual sales prices up to $5 million. The project suffered damages from water intrusion around the EIFS (a form of artificial stucco), water intrusion around the windows, flat roof leaks and ponding and numerous problems with the heating and air conditioning systems.

Aging Denver Highrise

Hearn & Fleener represented a large high-rise community in Denver that was experiencing water problems related to the improper design and construction of a capital improvement at their roof-top pool. Hearn & Fleener ultimately recovered $700K allowing the building to repair the failed improvements