Erie Area Townhome Community

Hearn & Fleener represented an HOA consisting of over 50 townhome units near the town of Erie, Colorado. Defects included problems with the community's grading and drainage as well as water intrusion from the improper installation of roofs, windows, and dorrs. By working closely with the builder and our local forensic experts, Hearn & Fleener was able to reach a resolution during the notice of claim process. This successfully generated a seven-figure settlement without ever filing a lawsuit. 

Aging Denver Highrise

Hearn & Fleener represented a large high-rise community in Denver that was experiencing water problems related to the improper design and construction of a capital improvement at their roof-top pool. Hearn & Fleener ultimetly recovered $700K allowing the building to repair the failed improvements 


Builder Repair Promises: Buyer Beware

Hearn & Fleener will begin a monthly blog focused on topics that are intended to benefit community managers, homeowners, and other professionals…

Hearn & Fleener Makes History x 2

CCIOA has always given homeowner associations the right to assert construction defect claims on their own behalf, and on behalf of their members. …