Single Family

Single family homes come in all shapes and sizes. They are free-standing and are part of a homeowner’s association. Common construction defect problems include water intrusion through roofs, doors and windows, stucco cracking, failing artificial stucco (EIFS or External Insulation Finishing System), inadequate or improper drainage around the home, interior drywall cracking, slab movement and cracking and movement of backyard improvements. Typically, the construction defects arise from improper design and construction of the single family home, as well as improper construction of slopes immediately adjacent to the homes causing soil movement.

Common Issues

  • Slab and foundation movement and cracking.
  • Water intrusion especially around doors and windows.
  • Failing roofs.
  • Interior drywall cracking.

Successful Cases

Single Family Golf Course Community

In a large-soils and building envelope case, Hearn & Fleener worked with local civil engineers and forensic architectural experts to map the issues and determine root causes of the building failures. After 22 months, the team at HF successfully recovered approximately $16M on behalf of a HOA consisting of over 120 single family homes.  

Fort Collins Suburban Community

These single family homes in Fort Collins were built on large deposits of bentonite, known as Colorado's expansive clays. The homeowners experienced significant damage from these soils as well as water intrusion through the roofs and windows. After several years of legal battles extending up to the Colorado Supreme Court, over $3 million dollars was recovered on behalf of the homeowners association. This case resulted in case law that helped clarify and improve upon homeowners' rights under Colorado law.

Jefferson County Homes

This claim arose as a result of some basement slabs heaving, water intrusion through the roofs, and problems with exterior decks. The project consisted of 72 single family homes located in Jefferson County. Our team of experts was successful in determining the cause for each of these issues and identifying proper repairs. This case was resolved at the time plaintiffs were resting their case in chief during the trial and resulted in the recovery of more than $2 Million.

99 Single Family Homes

Large claim involving 99 single family homes. The case centered on stucco related failures. The claim resulted in a significant settlement, the terms of which are confidential.

High-End Single-Family Community in Cherry Creek

These 66 single family homes were built for lock-n-leave convenience. After a short period of time, they began to experience grading and drainage issues, along with asphalt defects and building envelop concerns. The confidential claim resulted in an exceptional outcome that left homeowners with a peace of mind to enhance the peace and tranquility they purchased.

Townhome Community in Erie

This 36 in total, 3- and 6-unit townhome building community integrates economic and social needs with respect to the environment. As the building envelope began revealing moisture management concerns, the homeowners and the HOA reached out to Hearn & Fleener to take action. Although the terms of the claim are confidential; the community and HOA are elated with the outcome our firm secured for them.

Large Duplex Community in Northern Colorado

This large HOA comprised of 96 units in 48 duplexes northwest of Denver was suffering from grading and drainage issues, as well as concerns with concrete flatwork and moisture management.  Hearn & Fleener successfully settled the claim right before trial, ensuring the HOA and its members can have the peace of mind they deserve.    

Shifting Soils Patio Community

A patio home community north of Denver contacted Hearn & Fleener when they realized their buildings were situated on some of Colorado’s worst bentonite soils. Some of the homes had shifted several inches causing significant damage to interior finishes, pipes and ductwork, basement slabs and balconies. The firm, through their expertise in shifting soils and with the help of some very specialized soils experts, was able to obtain one of the largest repair settlements ever negotiated regarding soils in Colorado history.

Master Association and Several Sub-Associations in the Boulder Suburbs

This family friendly suburban neighborhood in Boulder CO consists of 4-plex condos, 8 plex condos and rowhomes within 13 buildings for a total of 60 units. Hearn & Fleener was sought out by this community to determine the degree of defect on the grading and drainage, concrete flatwork and building envelope within the neighborhood. Extensive expert inspections enabled our team to successfully provide detailed deficiencies that would require repairs. An out of court settlement will ensure the buildings  are safe and long-lasting for the families who call them home.