Below are short summaries of some of our cases. For confidentiality reasons, some of the descriptions below do not include specific case information. However, please contact us if you would like references. In addition, please note that no two cases are alike and similar results cannot be guaranteed.

Lofts & High Rises

  • $10M

    Containing more than 800 condominium units, this project was advertised and sold as a very high-end residential building with individual sales prices up to $5 million. The project suffered damages from water intrusion around the EIFS (a form of artificial stucco), water intrusion around the windows, flat roof leaks and ponding and numerous problems with the heating and air conditioning systems.

  • $700,000

    Hearn & Fleener represented a large high-rise community in Denver that was experiencing water problems related to the improper design and construction of a capital improvement at their roof-top pool. Hearn & Fleener ultimately recovered $700K allowing the building to repair the failed improvements